Remembering Rachel August 2017

We want to thank everyone who came out Sunday, August 6th,  to the balloon release and supper in memory of Rachel. We estimate 150 showed up!  There is something so calming about seeing all those balloons going up for our girl. Your presence was deeply appreciated and please plan to join us again next year.  We never want our sweet Rachel to be forgotten.

A huge thanks to all who helped us prepare, Jennifer Statzer who picked up all the food and cooked a lot of it, Bob Fowlkes who prepared the barbecue and also everyone who brought a dessert.

Also to June Walters, Judy Harris, Donald Harris, Sandy Yates Amos Murphy, Carolyn Terry, Sherry Shively, Mary Burdette, Terri Ann Adams, Martha Gosney, Marie Oakes, Cooper Terry, Willie Conner, Jamie Gilbert Yancey, Charles, Jim, Cody Pryor, Megan Renee Barker, Robert Burdette, Terri Burdette and Roger Burdette.

Please forgive me if I missed anyone.

A huge success! Let’s do it again next year!