Mrs. Garland Honors Rachel with Donation

Love comes from the most unexpected places!

Thanks to Cherie Garland and the Bonner Booster Expression Team for their generous donation to the Rachel Shelton Terry Scholarship Fund. Mrs. Garland was touched by Rachel’s story when a group of young people she leads performed at a fundraiser for the fund in May of this year at Lakewood Community Church. She wanted to pay it forward for Rachel and decided to donate the proceeds of an upcoming event to the scholarship fund.

Sean Hudgins, one of Mrs. Garland’s students, was excited to be part of the gift by delivering a check to Sherren Shelton who is Rachel’s mother.

Rachel continues to touch people throughout the community. Her kind, loving, and giving spirit still soars today.

Thank you to Mrs. Garland and the Bonner Booster Expression Team for your loving gift!